Delivz - home delivery serviceDelivz is an idea that came to us when we needed some food and drinks and had nothing at our house so we attempted to get something delivered through a local service but just could not get the Spanish words right and needless to say, we did not get anything delivered. So this how the idea for Delivz was born. Delivz makes it easy for you to have the things you need delivered right to your door. We all know about those times when we just want it delivered because we just do not feel like going out!

Delivz is the most convenient way to get important items to your door quickly, simply fill out your order and it will be delivered soon.

About Us

Delivz was started by some expats in Mexico that just wanted to get some things delivered one day and were not able to due to the language barrier. This is how Delivz was born. We make it easy for the English speaking people in Puerto Vallarta to order things they need and have them delivered right to their door. It is fast, inexpensive and very convenient.

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Delivz / PV Delivery
285 Milan #3, Colonia Versalles
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico 48310

USA #: 310-492-5748

MX Cell #: +52  322-133-0138